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Sollid is the perfect place to rest, enjoy life, holydays and good times with your collegues, friends & family!

At Sollid you can rent one or more of our cottages for an overnight stay, stay in our main house or rent our main house for a party, course or conference.

On appointment, we can arrange the food for our gusts.

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The Area

Sollid is situated at Hareid in Møre og Romsdal a few kilometers from Ulsteinvik and Ålesund. Hareid muncipality has approximately 5.000 inhabitants and covers an area of 82,5 km2. Hareid municipality is part of the island Hareidlandet. 

The area is rich on nature for hiking, biking and fishing and is close to many of the Shipyards in the area.

As your host we would like to know how we can be of help to make sure your stay becomes great.

Next to our main location at the beautiful lake of Snipsøyrvatnet we have a few catered appartements for rent in or close to the center of Hareid.

Our Menu

At Sollid we do not have a fixed menu.  For parties and functions and on your request we can cook traditional dishes, desserts, and cakes based on local traditions and recipes.

Many construction professionals are required to travel far from home for projects. When working at a remote job site, one of the first and important decisions construction companies face is where their team members will stay.

Whether you’re a contractor working on house or industrial construction or a project manager overseeing a project at a local shipyard, Sollid would like to make your temporary accommodations more comfortable and convenient, while saving your company time and money.

Our accommodations have utilities like TV with multiple channels, high speed internet, furniture and housewares as well as bedsheets and towels. We will take the hassle out of finding and managing temporary housing with one call from you and do our best to customize your request to suit your needs and preferences.

Our short-term furnished apartments offer all the comforts of home such as fully-equipped kitchens and laundry rooms.

Sollid has got several cottages for 2-4 persons, Apartments with up to 6 bedrooms and a large function house with several bedrooms.

When arranging lodging for large crews, cost economies are very important to any construction company. Selecting Sollid saves you money by accommodating each team member on a remote project in a shared fully-equipped furnished apartment, cottage or house, as compared to a single extended stay hotel room that's only large enough for one worker. When renting through Sollid, your company will receive a monthly invoice.

You’ll cut overhead with us, and your team members will be comfortable and rested while working on remote projects.

Contact us for the possibilities.

Temporary housing

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